The Key

The Key book cover

The Key: Celebrated People Unlock Their Secrets to Life

By Linda Solomon

I have always saved keys. A small brass key to unlock my five-year diary, a sturdy key to my first car, and an exquisite silver key and key ring to bungalow 6BThe Key: Celebrated People Unlock Their Secrets to Life, our honeymoon cottage at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Keys to open new doors in one’s life… …life has secrets that, ultimately, are best when shared. So come, turn the page, turn the key, and unlock the wisdom within.

– Excerpt from Introduction to The Key

partial proceeds go to breast cancer research

Throughout her career, Linda has photographed and interviewed many famous individuals.

For this book, a collection of these individuals was selected — including Tiger Woods, Katie Couric, Kelsey Grammar, and more — each synonymous with special qualities.

Follow this photographic journey as each of these share their insights and their key words of wisdom.

Finally, know that they have shared another quality – compassion – as partial proceeds from this book go towards breast cancer research.


Review Harry Jones

“In this interesting book, the author marries beautiful black and white photographs of intricate, antique keys with words of wisdom from some of the world’s best-known entertainers, politicians, athletes, CEOs and other luminaries. You’ll find more than fifty celebrities, some of whom rarely grant interviews, offering insights that have made a lasting impact on their lives. ” – Harry K. Jones, motivational speaker and consultant