Linda Solomon is available for speaking engagements, private portrait sittings, and book signings.


Linda is a featured public speaker. She has given speeches at many Universities throughout the US, as well as National Conferences and Forums — including the prestigious Cowgirl Hall of Fame in Fort Worth, TX, Sundance in Utah, and the PMA photography convention in Las Vegas.

Linda Solomon book signing

Linda Solomon and Brittnie Pemberton at TEDxLaJolla


I’ve always been a natural light photojournalist. All of my portraits are captured with window light or outdoors when the time of day has that magic light. I know how to capture beauty in the most natural way.

I’m sensitive.

I look closely at someone’s face and select the most beautiful light.

It’s always been just me and my camera. I do not work with an assistant. I keep everything simple… natural… real… and FUN.

I know how to make people feel comfortable. I choose to capture someone in their own home or office or outdoors with nature.

I look to reveal “heart” in every portrait.
One of my favorite people, singer and artist Tony Bennett said, “Linda’s Got It!”
~ Linda Solomon

Tony Bennett's personal message to Linda Solomon