The numbers of homeless children in the US are the highest in our history, 2.5 million. One out of thirty children are homeless. The mission of Pictures of Hope is to change lives, one life at a time. We show each child there is hope and they are not forgotten. Pictures of Hope touches the soul of each child we meet.

Through photography children share their innermost feelings. The opportunity to reveal their dreams in photographs shows each child how much their dreams MATTER!

Their hopes and dreams captured in quiet moments tell a story that few adults can imagine. “When you show children that you care about what they dream for in life, perhaps a child who never felt he or she had self worth, now will,” says Linda Solomon.

Linda presents a photo tutorial to the children at each shelter. At the conclusion of the tutorial, the children are surprised with digital cameras donated by Walgreens and given their first photo assignment as young photojournalists.
Each child has a Picture of Hope card showcasing one of their photographs. All the children in each city celebrate with their mentors at the “Meet The Young Artist” receptions when the Pictures of Hope cards are launched. It’s a special day no one will ever forget.

Pictures of Hope has helped children in 58 cities, cities with the highest populations of homeless children and youth. We have brought Pictures of Hope to cities who request our help.

“When I ask children living in shelters to tell me what they dream about when they close their eyes at bedtime , they are not dreaming for an iPad or video game . They hope for their own bed , they dream for their mothers to be happy , they dream for kindness in the world for everyone, they dream to one day have a home of their family , they hope for a college scholarship, they dream for shoes.”
–Linda Solomon
pictures of hope card shoes dream

Greeting Cards

Children ages 7-14 living in the Tacoma Rescue Mission captured their heartfelt hopes and dreams.

Their beautiful photographs are featured on greeting cards available for you to purchase.

All 100% of the proceeds benefit the children and families.

Morgan Freeman

Kim Novak

“I am taken back to a time in my life that was not so happy. I am taken back to when I was a 9-year old little girl and living in a homeless shelter. My family was broken but on the road to recovery. It was at that homeless shelter that I met the woman, Linda Solomon, who would forever change my life; it was there that I found hope again.”
– Brittnie, Age 17

Denise Giles

“Because of the new relationships with local businesses and the media attention Pictures of Hope brought and sales of Pictures of Hope cards, we are proud to share that our donor giving was up 42% in the month of October from last year.”
– Denise Giles, Family Promise, Fayetteville, North Carolina


“I have personally supported Pictures of Hope for the past four years. I can testify firsthand to the remarkable effects of Pictures of Hope on children whose lives have been shattered. I am proud to have consulted with Linda over the years, as she has located her program in one Michigan city every year.”
– Maura Corrigan, Director, Michigan’s Department of Human Services


“I have had the fortunate experience to mentor children through Pictures of Hope for three consecutive years. The children were transformed by the experience. I have seen these young people grow and understand they can have dreams that come true. I look forward to participating for many years into the future.”
– Jonathan Rothschild, Mayor, Tucson, Arizona

It’s a SNAP

During the 90’s, Linda created the ground-breaking “It’s A SNAP” children’s photography program for Kmart/Kodak, donating over one million cameras to children. Every Kmart in the country adopted a school and Linda’s photography program was featured in each school, over 250,000 cameras were donated per year. And for the first time exhibitions were featured in Kmart stores, each child had a photo on display (a Solomon idea). “This builds a child’s self-esteem”, remarked Linda, and that is the reason Kmart and Kodak sponsored Linda’s program and provided camera’s to over 1 million children.

Corporate Partners

Linda Solomon has also been a corporate spokesperson and founder of children’s branding platforms for Kodak, Eckerd, Kmart, The Taubman Company, General Motors and Saturn. She has devoted her career to teaching her love of photography and journalism.