Linda has authored, co-authored, or provided photography for numerous titles.

Jack and Jill book cover

Jack and Jill, The Miracle Dog With A Happy Tail To Tell

By Jill Rappaport, Photography By Linda Solomon

A children’s inspirational book featuring Jack, the miracle dog and written by Linda’s sister, Today Show correspondent, Jill Rappaport. A heartfelt true story of a special dog who will change your life when you read his story. Published by HarperCollins.
The Key book cover

The Key: Celebrated People Unlock Their Secrets to Life

By Linda Solomon

Follow this photographic journey as each of these share their insights and their key words of wisdom.
Mazel book cover

Mazel Tov: Celebrities’ Bar and Bat Mitzvah Memories

By Jill Rappaport, Photography By Linda Solomon

The wonderfully candid interviews in Mazel Tov document deeply poignant, and often hilariously awkward, moments in these very public lives. Interviewees include Jeremy Piven, Senator Joseph Lieberman, Marlee Matlin, Richard Dreyfuss, Ronald Perelman, Howie Mandel, Gene Shalit, Harvey Fierstein, Judy Gold, Larry King, Donny Deutsch, Michael Kors, Charles Grodin, Josh and Andy Bernstein, and many others.
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People love horses book cover

People We Know, Horses They Love

By Jill Rappaport and Wendy Wilkinson, Photography By Linda Solomon

A New York Times Best-Seller
The bond between horse and rider is a powerful one, celebrated in literature and cherished by those who have spent time with these extraordinary animals. In People We Know, Horses They Love, an intriguing mix of more than thirty actors, models, musicians, comedians, and venerable horse people reveal an intimate side of their lives rarely seen in public.